from by Tree River



Walking slowly home, my heartbeat and breathing were feeding on footsteps and drums.
Softly voices approached from off in the night and a fire ignited in front.

We sat down and passed around a flashlight.
I sang true about you, Unknown.
In my smoke, a white ghost materialized.
Above me your body arose.

Watching omen glow, I stood up to walk as the stars laid in watery rows.
Calmly rowing a boat through air, you were looking and pulling the words from my throat.

You lowered down an oar and found me shoreside.
I held tight and hauled myself on.
As sky grew around you and drew in the tide,
You kissed first and whispered in song,

"Tree, you know that this could be a dream.
But that could always ever be.
Whether awake or deep asleep,
The truth is something you won't see."

"Oh, you're right, Unknown.
There's no clear home.
Oh, I may not know what holds below.
But oh, I choose to go."

Then I felt the night melt to twilight.
Your face was replaced by the sun.
“My face was replaced by the sun.”
I leapt off the edge, falling head to the sky.
Did I end up right where I was,
...Or wake up?


from Dark Matter, released December 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Tree River Brooklyn, New York

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