Opening Eye

from by Tree River



My rolling eyes are always open wide.
But holding ocean ghost inside.
For the day I rise or hide my night.
The sun I see, it glows inside of me.
Pulsing rhythms etched by the sea.
But the ocean breeze I breathe in need.

And I’m connected.
I’m projected in light.
When the morning’s born, I’m fine.
But sweep and swallow,
I’ll dive to follow the night.
To balance out my howling life.

The lens that aligns with my endless sun dimensional eye,
It’s always deep and folding the time.
And the wormhole's right to ride into night.

In the space in me, I'll find the face that I aim to see.
And launch me right on out of my dream.
Into a place I can be free of need.

‘Cause I’m connected.
I’m projected in light.
And my fateful hailing halo's bright.
A sweeping swallow,
I dive to follow the night.
But the fullest moon is always inside.

My opening eye spirals to a wide world, and hurls me to the other side.
And I’m inverting time into a vertical line as I find the portal pouring my mind.

The night and the blinding day fuse into a hue of light inside my brain.
A force from the foreign black swells, expelling every star from orbit path.
And a gate opens wide into a tunnel undulating space and time.
As I bend and then disappear, every speck and lesson in my atmosphere

Is inside! Is inside!


from Dark Matter, released December 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Tree River Brooklyn, New York

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