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High moon, the sky was growing blue
When my wide eyes opened to your wild tide, broken,
And I finally noticed that the night’s unspoken truth was holding you.
So I fastened up and flew.
And my heart was racing ‘cause the stars were taking me to vastness, make believe.
The plan had you going too.
But I knew...

In deep space was the face I was chasing.
How could I reach out to you?
The cloud mist of galaxy memories grew around me.
And I pulled inward, to try to see our picture.
But all that came was dust rushing through.

Night hound, I howled and pounded ground.
And I leapt into the evening with body heavy breathing.
I climbed above the ceiling and cleared the disappearing sounds, skybound.
So my atmosphere turned round.
Then my body burst comet. I launched into the cosmic with sights set on your consciousness.
I longed to track your gravity down.
But all I found...

Was deep space, and the face I was chasing
Was shadowy phantasm truth.
The soundless surrounded the absence of you and drowned it.
And I pushed outward to try to make it louder.
But all I heard was wind that I blew.

I’m alone, float, no signs of anyone.
I love a ghost.
Go, fall, I never had come for you at all.
Crawl, swim out and sprawl.
I let go to hold all that is myself.

Silent, violent, my head is spinning like abandoned planet.
I shed my threads, I fend off memories but can't disband them.
Time flows, I slow, I hold on heavy while your glow grows unclear.
I know my low, but I'm hopeless climbing if there’s no up out here.


from Dark Matter, released December 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Tree River Brooklyn, New York

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